About Us

Originally founded in 2004, the philosophy entrenched in Club Madellyn Jae is one of comfort and the pure enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. Our members experience the many benefits of taking some time for themselves and escaping their day-to-day, mundane routines by socializing and relaxing with the Club’s beautiful and enchanting hostesses while recapturing that ancient art of making a genuine connection.


Club Madellyn Jae is a unique and luxurious home-away-from-home lounge that was designed to satisfy the real needs of its members. The Club offers a wide array of exclusive and entertaining benefits that help to ensure that our members feel like they are the most important people in the world.


The mission of Club Madellyn Jae is to revolutionize the art of relaxation and entertainment by returning a level of class, privacy and sophistication not usually found in any alternatives.


Our distinction rests on the evocation that the innocence found in the ancient traditions of Geishian entertainment and that of the historical foundation of the true feminine seductress is what all forms of leisure and entertainment should be premised.


The foundation of our Clubs philosophical beliefs rest on the premise that the purity found in male/female interaction does not presuppose typical adult entertainment nor should these relations always be classified as a regulative aspect of society.


Important Note: We are not a “body-rub parlour” – we are a private member’s only hostess lounge. We are not regulated by the City as the City cannot legally regulate places that are not open to the public. Therefore, we can provide a much more exclusive, discrete and secure environment then say places that are underground or open to the public. Only members are legally allowed to walk through the door, unless they are invited as a guest.


CMJ does not sell services, only the use of the facilities and if you desire, the company of one of our hostesses while you are in the club. What you and your hostess do during that time, as long as nothing illegal is going on, is between you and your hostess. However, the club has massage and a shower facility for member’s to use if they so desire…